Friday, July 18, 2008

Spa Baby Showers

There are tonnes of baby shower themes that you could work with but one of our favorites is the spa themed shower. What could be a better way to treat the mom-to-be then to have her pampered with pedicures, manicures and massages*? The best part is that you and all the other guests can enjoy some spa treatments as well.

There are various mobile spa facilities that offer complete spa services at homes. Each guest could choose one treatment such as manicure, pedicure, facial or massage. You could even try getting a Henna tattoo artist to add an exotic touch. Belly casting can also be included in the spa themed party.

For the decor, think of your last spa visit and you what you enjoyed the most. Scented candles, soothing music and of course fresh flowers.

The menu for this theme is fun, easy and healthy. Try fresh fruits such as melons, strawberries and cherries. A platter of veggies and dip would go wonderfully as well. A few light sandwiches and an assortment of fruit juices would complete the food table.

You could get mom a spa basket of her own to enjoy after the event. Check out our Bath and Body gift baskets for more ideas or give us a budget and we will design a basket using your theme and colours.

*Be sure to check which massages and spa products are suitable for pregnant women.

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