Saturday, July 19, 2008

Second Baby Showers

So you threw mom an amazing baby shower, she got loads of wonderful gifts and the baby arrived. Now fast forward to a couple of years later and its time for baby number two. As a best friend, sister or mom do you throw another shower?

Some people feel that the first baby is the only one who should get a baby shower. Others believe every first deserves a shower, i.e first boy, first girl, first baby with new husband etc.

Then there are people like us who love parties! So go ahead and throw the second time (or third or more) mom a shower. Try any of these different themes to make it extra special:

Diapers & Dishes – Baby Shower

This theme is quickly gaining popularity with second-time moms. All guests bring diapers or dishes for the parents-to-be. Diapers are an essential with all babies and dishes refers to freezable meals that the parents could use in the hectic weeks after the baby. Tip: Take our simple yet beautifully designed diaper cakes instead of just a box of diapers. A 3-tier diaper cake includes approximately 100 diapers and is decorated with ribbons and flowers so it can be used as a centre piece for the shower as well.

Spa – Baby Shower

A shower that is focused on pampering the mom with relaxing spa treatments. You could hire a professional to give manicures, pedicures, facials or massages.

(See previous post for details)

Mom’s hobby centered - Baby Shower:

Some moms love cooking (like one of our Finest Expressions moms) so throwing her a home cooking party might be a great surprise. If she is into a particular book or movie, working with that theme could be fun as well.

In conclusion…Whatever theme you choose, the key is to have fun whether it’s the first, second or third baby shower!

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