Thursday, July 24, 2008

Couples Baby Shower

It’s becoming an urban trend to have co-ed baby showers so both the parents-to-be can celebrate the arrival of their unborn child. If you are considering to throw a couples baby shower, the best place to start would be asking the couple if this is something they would enjoy. Once they give you the green light, go ahead and compile a guest list with them. Keep a balance of men and women so the father-to-be feels comfortable.

Try to keep a neutral theme, one that both the sexes would enjoy. Here are a few good choices to consider:

-Tropical Theme

-Beach Theme

-BBQ Theme (See Summer Baby Showers post below for details)

-Jungle Theme (Check out our Jungle Safari Diaper cake*. It will make a perfect centre piece for the baby shower!)

-Color theme – You can work with contrasting colours such as pink/brown, blue/brown or yellow/white. However, go easy on the pink for all the men’s’ sake!

You could play traditional games but adapt them to your couples baby shower. Non-traditional choices would include charades, movie trivia or Taboo. If playing games doesn’t fit with your crowd, keep a casual setting where guests mingle, catch up and share their baby stories.

Stick with simple ideas and you will deliver a fun couples baby shower that all your guests are sure to enjoy!

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