Monday, July 21, 2008

Online Baby Showers

Online Baby Showers are quickly gaining popularity in North America. In today’s world where families and friends are spread all over the globe, it’s a wonderful way of staying connected and celebrating the upcoming birth of the new baby. In other situations, mom-to-be might be confined to bed-rest so this might give her a chance to socialize and enjoy her shower while lounging in her P.Js! It can supplement the traditional baby shower or it can be an exclusive event in itself.

There are companies that offer online baby shower packages that included:

Emailed Invitations
Message Boards
Live Chats
Photograph Albums (online)
Online Baby Shower Games

There are a lot more features offered by different companies so it’s best to do your research before making your pick.

The other option is to organize all aspect of the party yourself instead of going for a packaged deal. You could send out free e-vites, set up a free home page, blog, Facebook group, Flickr album or MSN chat.

Don’t let the physical distance between mom-to-be and her loved ones get in the way of this celebration. This is an opportunity for you to make her feel supported and get her family/friends involved with the pregnancy.

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